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Arion Inventory Visibility Solution

To gain strategic advantage, more and more organizations are using outsourced logistics services from 3PL (third party logistic provider).

With this combination of ERP and outsourced logistics services, organizations need to link the distribution operations managed by 3PL Partner with the Oracle system, providing real-time views of inventory and delivery status.

Right now, in absence of a tight integration between the ERP and the 3PL service provider - many organizations have to overcome challenges like:

  • Inventory and shipment visibility from 3PL location
  • Seamless information flow from all parties involved (Customer, Contract Manufacturer, 3PL, Distributor)
  • Reconciliation of all types of transactions
  • Data feeds to and from 3PL for ERP systems like item master data
  • Centralized control and co-ordination of process flows with 3PL
  • Transaction exception management

Arion's 3PL solution tackles all these challenges and gives one user interface to all parties involved including Customer, the OEM, 3PL and Contract Manufacturer. This solution runs as a portal (web based application) along with ERP. Arion's 3PL solution does not replace any functionality in ERP but is an add-on solution that extends your supply chain.

With Arion's pre-developed solution you can save time and money in system definition, implementation and testing.