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Enterprises are increasingly aware of the criticality of the technology systems they use for business success, from process application-driven business operations to Internet-based interactions with clients and suppliers.

While only some enterprises recognize the immediate implications of this trend, it is only a matter of time before most realize how vital “business technology” (BT) is to deliver business results. Enterprises will need to embrace the competitive potential of technology and actively manage its use. As BT solution providers, we continue to hone our offerings to enhance business results, flexibility, and configurability.

It’s a given that technology touches each part of business operations today. But its not a given that technology will deliver business results.

The traditional “IT” approach to managing technology doesn’t ensure optimal benefits for business. This disconnect needs to be addressed simply because business firms increasingly depend on technology.

Moving beyond information technology, the new era of business technology is one where results are measured in only one way: how they deliver business outcomes.

Arion is a global software services provider that specializes in the design, development, integration and maintenance of mission critical business applications.

Arion provides software services to enable enterprises focus on their core business competencies. Arion assumes the responsibility for providing reliable and specialized solutions to businesses, freeing them of the need to develop, train and maintain expensive IT teams. Arion’s services include

IT Consulting

Arion’s architects and project managers have implemented large enterprise projects using a wide range of technologies and practices. Organizations can leverage the expertise of these individuals and teams to deploy their solutions using technology best practices.

Software Development

Arion uses state-of-the-art application development technologies to translate your IT vision into reality. Service offerings include design and development of Content Management Systems, Business Intelligence software and business process optimization solutions.

Our development team has extensive exposure and expertise on various Open Source tools and technology platforms, apart from capabilities in Java & Microsoft technologies.

Offshore Development Center

Offshore Outsourcing has come a long way from hiring inexpensive talent to being a value add for clients in their software development initiatives.

Arion provides advantages of offshore experience, cultural compatibility and local presence in its offshore development model. We at Arion consider client relationship as key for successful delivery. Arion has a management team which has worked in USA and Europe for more than a decade in software development and has been actively involved in offshore development. Arion has a people centric culture with an emphasis on client relationships and a can-do attitude.

Placement Consulting

Arion’s Recruitment team enables clients to identify and recruit the best talent in the industry. Due to superior screening skills, availability of technical experts in various fields and a huge database of candidates across the world, Arion can provide great value to any organization seeking technical talent.