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  Permanent Placements

Arion services permanent placement assignments with a systematic approach that is comprehensive in its scope, and at the same time adheres to the urgency of client requirements.

Typcially, we don't just meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Arion fulfills such requirements through the extensive in-house talent pool of profiles, which reside in our databank. Where necessary, we also avail the services and support of our extensive industry network. Arion offers 

  • Current and large database of candidates
  • Pre-screened, validated talent pool
  • Strong technical infrastructure

Clients also have the option of converting temporary staff into permanent hires after an assessment, if they desire.


How we do it :

Database Selection

One of the key advantages we offer our clients is access to an extensive in-house pool of talent, which has been built over several years. Since Arion also undertakes several software project implementations, we often have a first-hand knowledge of several candidates, and this makes it easier to identify the right fit quickly.


Apart from an exhaustive databank of resumes, which are constantly updated and kept current, there are a large number of candidates who are referred to us, either by the professionals we work with, or by our clients.

Since these people are well known to us, and come with strong credentials, we're in a position to ensure a higher level of candidate quality and long-term commitment.


Advertised Selection

The other option that we offer, to reach the widest possible candidate base from a variety of backgrounds and specialized skill sets, is through job posting and advertisements.

In this case, Arion will design online advertisements with innovative creative treatments, which best appeal to and attract the right kind of talent. Arion will then undertake the screening and selection from the responses received, and come up with a shortlist that is forwarded to clients with an assessment report.

Once the right candidates are arrived at, our Operations team takes over and monitors the engagement thereafter. This includes regular feedback analysis and reporting.