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Perhaps your recruiting department is overloaded in a certain area. Or you've just realized it's more cost-effective to outsource. That's why we offer managed solutions tailored to your hiring needs.

With our managed services recruiting solution, our highly trained team will integrate into your organization, utilizing Arion's proprietary tools & methodology to bring you improved efficiency and reduce your overall costs. We also offer an on-site service model, where our assigned recruiters work with you and your Management Team using our unique service and tools to attract top talent and hire the right person.

We'll work with you to identify your specific recruiting needs and select the right member of our Recruiting Team to move onsite, integrate into your organization, and utilize Arion's Strategic Talent Acquisition Process to proactively manage your recruiting needs from start to hire.

Our "turn-key" recruiting solution gives you a committed business partner on site, increases your hiring efficiency, reduces your overall recruiting costs, and allows your HR and Management Teams to focus on growing the company - while we focus on delivering the talent to make it happen.

Managed Services include

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • Talent Relationship Management
  • Interviewing
  • Selection
  • Talent Demand Management


  • Top-notch, experienced recruiters
  • Arion's Strategic Talent Acquisition Process
  • Consistent Candidate Communication and Experience
  • Arion's Propriety Recruiting Software
  • On-Site Attention and Service
  • Arion's Expertise and Organizational Support


  • Predictable and Lower Cost per Hire
  • Reduced Time to Hire
  • Superior class of Talent
  • Superior Candidate Experience
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

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QIA Presentation 
Reference Check
Communication Coordination 
QIA Status Update 
Relationship Cultivation
INTERVIEWING Interview Scheduling 
Feedback Gathering 
Expectation Management 
Communication Coordination
SELECTION Offer Coordination 
TRM Transition 
Background Check 
Reference Check

Requisition Management 
Job Profiling