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Arion's "Illustrator" framework powers Sales force of a rapidly expanding Life Insurance major


The Client

The client is one of India's fastest growing Life Insurance companies. It has over 8000 employees across over 12 states in the country and a national footprint of distributors trained to provide quality financial advice and insurance solutions to the large Indian customer base.  

Business Drivers

  • Sales Illustrations are forecasts of customer benefits based on actuarial data over the term of the Life Insurance policy. These illustrations are mandated by the IRDA to be shown to the customer and signed
  • Rapid introduction of new products into the market required a simple and easy distribution process to the sales advisor
  • Existing application was not scaling up to expectations
  • Channel Wise rules for different sales channels needed to be easily configured
  • Both web based and desktop calculators were needed without the overhead of having to develop them separately
  • Expiry of benefit illustrators, updates/additions and changes to parameters needed to be propogated to the agent desktops
  • The update size needed to be light weight since the updates were expected to happen over dial-up connectivity
  • Fudging of Benefit Illustrations to achieve Sales needed to be eliminated.
  • Access control to the calculators needed to be centrally controlled


The Arion “Illustrator” is a software framework developed by Arion Systems which enables the Life Insurance Agents of the organization to

  • Easily Capture Customer details on a laptop when they meet the customer
  • Generate a Sales Illustration for the customer for it’s different policies based on the information provided by the customer
  • Perform the illustration calculations based on different criteria
  • Print and Save the Benefit Illustration as statutorily mandated by the authorities
  • Synchronise this data back to the organisation’s central customer/leads database
  • Enable Advisors to easily capture Customer details
  • Synchronize the data captured on the field with centralised systems

Technical Features

  • J2EE on both desktop and online versions
  • Browser based interface
  • Easy Sync technology
  • Data Encryption
  • PDF outputs


  • Over 10000 advisors are currently using the “Illustrator” framework, which has enabled the organization
    • Easily distribute updates to this application to the agents/advisors
    • Centrally make changes to the parameters like Service Tax rates, Service Charges, Mortality Tables etc. depending on changes
    • Centrally make changes to the Business Logic and calculations
    • Prevent misrepresentation of benefits to the clients by Advisors
    • Eliminate the need for manually consolidating customer data received from various locations
    • Enable secure and tamper proof submission of customer data to the organization
  • More than 10 products released within 2 months released on the platform
  • Both Offline and Online calculators run off the same code base, creating savings in redundant development and testing efforts.

  Business Need

  • Easy distribution of Sales Benefit Illustration Calculators to agents
  • Rapid development platform for faster time to market
  • Single code base for Offline and Online Benefit Illustrators
  • Ability to update the illustrators over a dial up connection
  The Arion Solution
  • Lightweight, self updating application for easy distribution to field force
  • Configurable Online/Offline calculators with single code base
  • Rapid development platform with committed SLA’s
  • Ability to set Channel wise rules and access controls centrally
  • Platform: Java/J2EE 
  • The need for distributing Updates to the application through CDs was eliminated. Arion’s lightweight platform provided the ability to update through dial up connectivity for new products and updates to existing products
  • Over 10000 agents are currently using the system on the desktops
  • Both Online and Offline benefit illustrators are deployed on the same code base
  • More than 10 products released within 2 months released on the platform