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Enterprise Information Portals  
  Enterprise Information Portals 

Employee involvement and participation has become increasingly important in the decision making process for enterprises. Speed of information access and speed of response to business situations has also become critical for survival in the globally competitive marketplace.

In this backdrop, enterprises today are building information portals:

  • To have a unified view across the enterprise
  • Provide uniform and anywhere-anytime access to privileged information
  • Share corporate knowledge to improve collaboration
  • Provide common support infrastructure
  • Lower the total cost of ownership

Arion has delivered a set of successful implementations for leading global enterprises. The typical enterprise portal initiative begins with a simple intranet to bring about employee collaboration, evolving then to improve existing paper based processes and continue with automation of standard applications for support departments like HR and Administration. The leading enterprise portals today extend and embrace functions that assist suppliers, distributors and clients. Arion, with experience, has formalized the methodology for building these portals.

Arion’s Enterprise Information Portal architecture delivers:

  • Enterprise Collaboration (Mailing, Instant Messaging, Chat, Discussion Forums, Project Workspaces, Helpdesk)
  • Content Publishing (Corporate News, Best Practices)
  • Document sharing and management
  • Organizational hierarchy and Workflow
  • Extranet features to collaborate with suppliers, distributors or clients
  • Integration of legacy systems with a single sign-on
  • Search

Knowledge Management

Key to any successful knowledge management initiative is:

  • Management mandate and continued support with willingness to
    motivate the organization for cultural change
  • Experts in organizational behavior to address change related issues
  • Last but not the least a Knowledge management strategy and roadmap

Technology only serves as an enabler and Arion recognizes this. It adopts a strong collaborative approach with partners in its areas of expertise and the company management for KM initiatives.