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Enabling Clients to Master New Age Customer Relationships

Arion's CRM practice is a logical response to changing dynamics of the marketplace. Organizations need a systematic CRM approach to build lasting, profitable relationships with their customers and maximize lifetime value of their customers. In today's world, CRM aims to predict customer behavior with real-time insights, besides empowering and providing them with a seamless experience by integrating communication and brand across all customer touch points.

Arion helps clients achieve these results quickly and cost effectively, with a clear understanding that CRM is more than just a technology. However, it is Arion's focus on developing expertise in the technology that underlies CRM, which sets Arion apart from its competitors as a unique technology-consulting player. Over the years, Arion has gathered in-depth knowledge of leading CRM products as well as the skills to integrate CRM applications with customers' back-end systems and other applications. To enhance its focus on the underlying technology, Arion has structured its CRM Practice around technology skills that constitute the essence of different CRM packages enabling them to nurture technology specialists. At the same time, the practice is not package centric, hence ensuring innovative and best of breed solutions for clients that best meet their needs rather than forcing standard solutions. The practice continuously strives to develop implementation frameworks, reusable components, solutions and tools that help deliver value to clients through compressed design and development schedules that reduce their investments. The practice's relationship with Arion's strong verticals enables the practice to leverage and provide the requisite domain knowledge.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions enable an enterprise to -

  • Enhance customer base
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce cost of acquisition and retention of customers

CRM for the SMB market

SMB players are increasingly getting conscious of better service to customers and are keen on implementing CRM solutions. At the same time, their CRM needs are significantly different from those of big enterprises. To cater to this growing CRM market segment, Arion has a dedicated team with expertise in SMB CRM products. Arion assists in implementing both mid-market versions of the packaged software as well as the On-demand hosted versions depending on the needs of customers. Realizing that budget is a key constraint to many customers in this segment, Arion offers unique pricing models that enable them to extract the best value out of their CRM applications.

Our CRM Process involves -

  • Business case development
  • Blueprint Creation
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Design Implementation of projects (Product Customisation)

The Arion CRM practice strives to streamline and simplify all customer interactions of our client, enabling them to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.