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Technology Consulting

IT today has become a driving force behind formulating and achieving strategic business goals for the company. It has devolved on the IT Manager to continually:

  • Evaluate current investments in technology and infrastructure
  • Keep abreast of trends in technology that apply to the business domain
  • Plan and prepare for obsolescence in technology
  • Evaluate support plans and staffing requirements
  • Fine tune the technology roadmap in line with business goals

Arion’s consulting practice aims to be the IT Manager’s proactive partner to track, suggest and recommend avenues to improve efficiency and efficacy of existing processes with technology.

Our consulting services cover

Enterprise Software Architecture

The decision to go with a particular Technology Framework is the most critical and non-trivial one for enterprises. Typically a non-biased expert view is required in these situations. Arion is not inclined to any technology and evaluates Software Architecture decisions based on various Objective parameters. Arion has in its portfolio successful implementations across all technologies and can provide architecture selection and consulting services in:

  • Microsoft .NET framework
  • Java/J2EE : WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss
  • Opensource Technologies : Linux, PHP , mySQL
  • Database Tuning and Optimisation : Oracle, IBM DB2, MS_SQL

Radio Frequency ID (RFID)

RFID has started a new paradigm in Inventory handling and tracking. Businesses have started realizing benefits with this new technology. The implementation strategy of this solution needs to be very precise. Arion can assist organizations define and oversee the Technology Implementation Strategy for RFID solution.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Understanding and implementing Service Oriented Architectures in new and existing systems will help simplify the business on the inside while differentiating it on the outside. Service Oriented Architecture goes beyond simple enterprise integration and provides a future proof Architecture for enterprises. Arion’s Technical Architects are armed with the knowledge and tools to plan new development based on such architectures.

IT Strategy and Transformation

Arion offers its “Assist CTO” solution to corporates where it provides advise to
optimize investments, transform capabilities and achieve greater business value from IT.

Business Process Engineering (BPE)

Arion’s Techno-Business Analyst can study existing business processes and workflows and provide the technology roadmap as part of a BPE initiative.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions have become critical in the increasingly competitive environment. Several technologies are available to simplify implementation of these solutions, but the basic technical design and architecture of the solutions are the real keys to success. Arion provides Business Intelligence specialists to evaluate and design Enterprise Business Intelligence applications.

Solution Architecture

One of the most critical areas within any Enterprise Application Development lifecycle is the design and planning stage that includes hardware, software and network design.

Our frame of reference for architecting a solution is given below:

Usability of the solution

The primary driver for a solution is to increase the efficiency of the existing process without adding complexity and redundancy. The success of Arion’s solutions is in their measure of adoption & the user’s convenience for completing a given task.


Today, the ability to respond swiftly to business dynamics is an enterprise’s competitive edge in the global marketplace. Arion’s solutions are architected to embrace change. Arion recognizes the fact that changes will come in at all stages of the software development lifecycle including maintenance and architects open standards based secure solutions.


Many a successful solution has come a cropper when exposed to heavy loads or when the scope of its usage is increased. Planning for scalability in your architecture alleviates many of the pains of solution "growing up".

Cost Effectiveness

Arion leverages existing IT applications and infrastructure of your enterprise while crafting a solution.

Speed of Deployment

Arion understands that for its clients to be globally competitive in their business they need to be responsive to their customer needs. Technology is the backbone on which fulfillment hinges.

Technology Recommendations

Inputs needed for a sound technology decision are difficult to find. With so much noise in the marketplace it is a real challenge for any organisation to choose a Technology platform. Decision influencers include "the need for speed technology", maturity of the organization in absorbing benefits of emerging technology trends and the overall cost of the solution. Also to be considered are the opportunity cost, cost of change, impact on training and finally support of that solution.

Arion's recommendations are a product of a sound understanding founded by the team's collective experience and tempered by partners who are leaders in providing technology and infrastructure products and services. Arion owns the responsibility of recommending solutions that deliver bottom- line value.

Product Evaluations and Comparisons

All product and technology evaluations involve buy v/s build analysis, performance consideration, feature set comparison, installed user base and a comparison of many other factors. The decision has to take into account the current needs and accommodate mid-term goals too to ensure a rationalized spend

Arion enables the decision process to:

  • Be devoid of any product bias
  • Be a normalized evaluation of products
  • Address continued support needs
  • Evaluate skills and experience at disposal in-house or with the solution partner
  • Complete with cost benefit, gap and impact analysis.