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Web Services and Application Integration

Organizations have invested in best of breed systems for specific functions within the enterprise. To protect their investments of cost, time and effort there is a growing need for the systems to talk to each other. Only service providers with exposure to various technology platforms and business systems can effectively undertake the activity of integrating disparate systems.

Arion provides application integration solutions that enable stand-alone business systems within an enterprise to share data and functionality. The team has implemented many solutions and products based on XML and web services standards.

XML and Web Services offer an exciting array of technologies and options for the enterprise. But the growing number of standards and implementation options make it hard for IT departments to keep up and make optimal decisions.

The team has expertise in several Integration Frameworks, Products and Paradigms including:

  • Service Mix – A JBI compliant service bus implementation. This is a true ESB with all kinds of end-points including, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, JMS, File I/O, Web Services etc. Features include hosting of business logic using POJOs within the ESB server instance; a rule based Normalized Message Router etc.
  • JMS – Java Messaging Service - The original Java EAI medium.
  • UDDI, SOAP, WSDL and JBI – Open Standards
  • JTOpen - Java based access to IBM's AS/400 based Host Databases (DB2/400) for integrating J2EE applications to Enterprise Systems.
  • XML – which is the defacto standard for data interchange
  • Custom socket level integration frameworks
  • MS-MQ – Microsoft Queue Implementation

Some of Arion's Solution Offerings in EAI

  • Web Services and SOA strategy (plan, design and deployment)
  • Web Services API for internet affiliates and partners
  • Integration interfaces for legacy systems
  • Web Services Testing
  • Integration of open source web services products/software with proprietary or commercial business applications 
  • Internet and web services security
  • XML based rules engine
  • XSLT processing engine
  • XML data integration
  • Tracking standards and research for specific projects

With a unique blend of onsite and offshore development models, Arion offers a cost effective option to implement the right solution.